How to Transfer Minecraft PS3 worlds to PS4 / PS VITA

This tutorial is very simple but will show you how you can transfer any of your Minecraft PS3 maps to play onto your Minecraft PS4 account, or onto your Minecraft PS VITA. This is a very good update that has been added to minecraft as you can now take your worlds with you on the go with your Playstation Vita. Or you can take them with you to your new Playstation 4 Console!

Video Tutorial from BigBst4tz:


Text Tutorial:

  • Click Play Game
  • Scroll down and select your world you would like to transfer
  • Press R1, go to upload save
  • Press Ok
  • Go to your PS4, click R1 and download!

We have a lot of maps on this website which you can put onto your PS3, and then transfer onto your Playstation Vita, and PS4 so make sure to check them out!