Submit Your Map

If you have come to this page before you will realise we have changed the layout. Previously, we asked you to submit your map to a form which was then sent to a database.  We have found this method does not work very well due to people spamming the database. The spam basically meant it took a lot of time to find the good maps. So we have changed how we are accepting maps!

We think the easiest way for you to submit a map is:

  • Make a video showcase of your map / build which you want featured on the site
  • Include the Download links in the description of that video
  • Follow @HELLYERRR & tweet that video to @HELLYERRR on twitter!

After this HELLYERRR will handle the rest! If you make a lot of maps, @HELLYERRR will contact you personally and make it easier for you to publish your maps on this website!