Feb 17

Minecraft PS3: Parkour Map Download

Basic Overview of Parkour Map:

This parkour map has a number of jumps like all good parkour maps. The map has no name but it doesnt change the fact  that the map is fun to play. The map has a number of levels yo complete and check points. So if you do fall you don’t have to go back to the very start which is one of the biggest problems with minecraft parkour maps in my opinion. The jumps gradually get harder as you progress threw the levels. From normal block jumps, to jumps on ice blocks to fence blocks and more! If you like minecraft parkour maps make sure you Click here for more minecraft ps3 parkour maps


Video Showcase of the Parkour Map:

How to install the Parkour Map:

We have two tutorials which will help you install this map:

  • Follow this tutorial to learn how to convert to the right version for you. (US versions wont work for EU users and vise versa. [ CLICK FOR THE TUTORIAL]
  • Follow this tutorial on how to download and install minecraft ps3 maps [ CLICK FOR THE TUTORIAL]

Download the Parkour Map for Minecraft PS3