Nov 15

Minecraft PS3 Encrypted Factions Map Download

Encrypted Factions is a modded factions map for Minecraft PS3. You can see in the video below that the developer of this map put a lot of time into building the server spawn area. Like all good factions, this has a progression system and modded villagers which you can trade with and move on up …

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Nov 12

Minecraft PS3 Infinite Warfare Terminal Map Download

This map is a remake of a map from Call of Duty Infinite warfare. The remake is of the hugely popular terminal. This remake allows you to play against your friends on Terminal in Minecraft. The map has been done very well, and the creator of this map has took a lot of time looking …

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Nov 10

Minecraft PS3 Five Nights At Freddies FNAF Horror Map

Welcome to the rebirth Five Night at Freddies FNAF Ps3 map! If you are looking for a horror map to play then this is for you! Making a scary map in minecraft can be quiet difficult but this one does a pretty good job of it. If you are a fan of FNAF then I …

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Nov 08

Minecraft PS3 Creeper Revenge Survival Map Downoad

This map is made up of lots of different islands in the sky. Each individual island is a different biome where you can find different resources to help you go on with your survival journey. Some islands also have chests with special loot you can use to your advantage, but be careful! Traps and mobs …

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Nov 05

Minecraft PS3 SkyBlock Sky Wars

Now this is a map that has been around for a long time but we have only just found it! The whole map is built around the concept of SkyBlock, but it is infact a sky wars map! You need to build up your resources on your own little island to get to the enemy …

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Nov 03

Minecraft PS3 Frankenstein Murder Mystery Download

This map was originally built for Xbox but has been transferred over to Minecraft PS3, so you can enjoy it! This is a murder mystery map built around Frankenstein. The whole map is pretty spooky, and quiet a dark map which makes it really fun to play. The center of the map is a giant …

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Nov 01

Minecraft PS3 Speed Money Wars Download

Money wars is a game mode in which you collect resources on your little island, in order to trade the resources into villagers and get more stuff! Build up what you have and then take on the enemy. This can be a pretty fun game mode as it can be played in a number of …

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Oct 29

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Bed Wars Map Download

This map is a bedwars map, made up of a few small islands, that look like destroyed desert islands, the island has a bunch of TNT and traps which you can use to your advantage to kill the enemy! ┬áThis map is a lot of fun, but remember to keep a back up of this …

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Oct 27

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Halloween Hunger Games Download

Wow! This map is incredible! Its a halloween themed map, but built in a huge bedroom. This is quiet a dark map but that helps towards the feel and the scary / halloween theme. All the pictures on the wall in this room, and other builds are all halloween themed. Including a giant skelleton jumping …

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Oct 25

Minecraft PS3 Modded Dropper Map Download

I love dropper maps, so I always love when a new dropper map is released. Simply because you can just jump in and play when ever you want and try to beat the map. Plus you don’t need to arrange to play with friends its a map you can just download and play. Or you …

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