Dec 08


I love the way this map has been made! The design of it is unique and the colours go together great! The map is a good all round skywars map, and plays really well. The video below shows an Xbox world but we have converted it to Minecraft PS3!   Ocean Reef Sky Wars Showcase: …

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Dec 05

Minecraft PS3 Prison Server Map Download

Prison servers are massively popular on Minecraft PC, but not so much on console versions of minecraft because they are too difficult to create and manage. But this prison server has been done very well. Its a modded map which makes this possible. A lot of fun and we really recommend you download!   Prison …

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Dec 03

Minecraft PS3 Bubble Panic Hunger Games

Bubble Panic is an awesome hunger games map created by castle crafters. The creators have basically enclosed the map in a water wall to make you feel like your under water. It is hard to describe the map but the overall theme is under water with pixel art animals and more! The video below really …

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Dec 01

Minecraft PS3 Spring to Life Hunger Games

Spring to life hunger games is very unique. I haven’t seen many if any maps made in this style! Its basically a giant garden, and the garden is made up of pixel art. Hard to explain but see the video below!   Spring to life Hunger Games Showcase:   Spring to life Download 

Nov 29

Minecraft PS3 Alpha Kingdom Hunger Games Download

Alpha kingdom hunger games for Minecraft PS3,  this map must have taken a long time to build, and thats simply because of the size of the map. This map is for up to 8 players. Because of the size of this map I suggest playing a few different games in different areas as this can …

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Nov 26

Minecraft PS3 Skyblock V3 Download

It has been a long time since we have showcased a Skyblock map, but we have decided to share this one as it has been custom built, and has a bunch of different islands for different biomes. You may also find random suprises on some of the islands.   Skyblock version 3 showcase: Skyblock Download 

Nov 24

Minecraft PS3 Cores Skywars Download

Cores is a small Skywars map you can battle your friends on, this is a pretty cool skywars map as it has a bunch of extra islands built so you can mix up the gameplay a bit, as a lot of these skywars maps normally feel very similar. But this one is built slightly different! …

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Nov 22

Minecraft PS3 Speed UHC Map Download

This map has been created for you to download and play Ultimate hardcore Survival against your friends, but as with all good maps you could use this for a number of different games like hide and seek, hunger games etc. The map has a real natural feel as the builder has incorporated builds into the …

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Nov 19

Minecraft PS3: Modded RPG Survival Map Download

This map is an RPG style survival map, this map comes fully loaded with some quests and missions for you to play and complete. Or you could just try your best to survive the good old way in minecraft. The map comes with hidden secrets and surprises. Starting the map you need to pick which hero …

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Nov 17

Minecraft PS3 Story Mode Spleef Arena Download

This map is an awesome recreation of the battle spleef arena from Minecraft story mode. This recreation has been made so you can play it any time with your friends. The actual arena is suited to up to 4 players playing spleef at any one time. But because of the size of the map you …

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