Mar 05

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Modded Server Map W/Download

This really awesome Server map got made on the ps3 by dakonblackrose and the showcase video below got made also on the ps4 by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the ps3 and ps4. This server map is a brand new epic map which can be played alone or with some friends. This …

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Mar 04

Minecraft PS3: Unsighted Shadow Horror Map Download

This map was originally created on Minecraft PC, but has been converted to Minecraft PS3 for you to download and enjoy. This map has been converted to PS3 which means it does not have all the modded features the PC version would have. This map is a lot scarier on PC. But still really enjoyable …

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Mar 02

Minecraft PS3: Cluedo Murder Mystery Download

Cluedo or Clue is a board game in which players must work out who was killed in a house using certain weapons and in which room. This map is in a house and because its a muder mystery game mode its taken the name cluedo! It would be cool to play it like the original …

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Feb 28

Minecraft PS3: Half Heart Race Map Download

The half heart race is one of the more unique maps we have uploaded in a while. Its the first time I have seen this type of map on Minecraft console. This map has been converted to Minecraft PS3. So you can enjoy it with your friends. The aim of the game is to win …

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Feb 25

Minecraft PS3 Sky Factory Download

  Sky Factory is a map created by BoltzTheClown on Minecraft xbox, but we have converted the map so you can download and enjoy it on Minecraft PS3, PS4. The map has a trading system built into it. The map has plenty of signs, to help explain what you need to play. The map uses …

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Feb 23

Minecraft PS3: Jolly Rodger Bay Download

The Jolly Rodgrer bay is a pirate themed Minecraft Ps3, murder mystery map. The map is lots of fun to play, and the video below does a great job of showcasing the map.   Jolly Rodger Bay Showcase: Jolly Rodger Bay Download 

Feb 21

Minecraft PS3: Think Modded Puzzle Map Download

Think is a puzzle map for Minecraft console, we have converted it so you can play it on Minecraft PS3 and PS4. The map comes with a bunch of puzzles which you must complete to progress to the next stage. The map also has modded mobs, crazy challenges and the nether too! This is a …

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Feb 18

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Skyblock W/Modded Villagers Map Download

This really cool SKYBLOCK map got made on the PS3 by Cameron the Wolf HD and the showcase video below got made also on the PS3 by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. This epic modded map is a survival map that you play with only …

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Feb 18

Minecraft PS3 Stranded Survival Map Download

Stranded Survival is one of my favourite survival maps we have showcased in a long time just because of how unique it is. The basic story behind it is that your lost at sea, and need to use your limited resources in a chest to survive. Can you survive?   Stranded Survival Map Showcase:   …

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Feb 16

Minecraft PS3: WORLD OF BELKLEON Map Download

The world of Belkleon is a modded amplified map for Minecraft xbox which has been converted to ps3 for you to play and enjoy. The video below does a great job of showcasing this map. If anything this could be an amazing map to play a survival challenge on but the mod uses mods really …

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