Dec 07

Mini Games | Spleef/PVP Arena/Parkour (Minecraft PS3 PS4 Map Download)

Basic Overview of Mini Games | Spleef/PVP Arena/Parkour

December is here everyone & Christmas is near! Here is a “Mini” Mini-Game World via Minecraft PS3 & PS4 – Made for 7 players so the host can properly host the mini-games & spectate! The games are 3 layer Speedy Spleef Arena, a Parkour “PVP” Style Arena, and also a parkour area for downtime! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas Folks!”

Time to Give Back! I’m finally releasing my current project to the Minecraft Playstation community!
This Christmas Theme Winter Games Map includes PVP Arena, 3-Layer Spleef, & Parkour Area!
Highlight was created & exported from my live stream on Twitch Tv! Map Created by MyDayVee check him out on Youtube

Video Showcase of Mini Games | Spleef/PVP Arena/Parkour

Mini Games | Spleef/PVP Arena/Parkour Download