Jul 29

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Murder Mystery Server Map Download

Murderer – The murderer’s objective to win the game is to kill everyone at the scene, without being detected and killed. The murderer will be able to sprint and is equipped with a knife to go in with the kill in one direct hit of an innocent. The murderer will also be holding a fake gun part in their inventory to cause less suspicion around the innocents.
Innocent – The innocents will spawn in with nothing, however unlike any other server, the innocent can play a role! Around the map gun parts spawn, an innocent person should collect these parts to obtain a gun. You will need to collect five parts to create a gun. This then will give the innocents the same role as a detective, thus proving proof that they are actually innocent! However, if an innocent dies with a gun the gun will not be dropped for anyone to pick up.
Innocent w/ Stater Gun – One random innocent will be equipped with a gun, that can shoot long range, and is one of the safest players to be around. The gun has unlimited ammo, however once shot you will need to wait a few seconds until the gun is reloaded and ready to fire again. The main objective for the detective(s) is to find and shoot the murderer. Once you die, the gun will be dropped for an innocent to pick up and finish off the business.
Spectator – Once you die, or join a game in progress, you will become a spectator. You are invisible to all of the other players who are alive and you will not be able to communicate from the dead to the life. Here you can decide to find another game or watch and see what is going on during that game!
How to tell if you’re the Murderer
When you join the game, you will see an action bar which will contain: Your Role, Time Remaining, and Karma. Here you’ll be able to tell if you’re an Innocent, Murderer, or Dead.

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Murder Mystery Server Map Download