Mar 21

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Jouki Steampunk Japan Map Showcase W/Download

Jouki, steampunk Japan, differs from the typical perception of steampunk in that the preservation and essence of nature is vital. Neither steampunk nor nature dominates, rather they coexist and work amongst each other to provide an distinctive lifestyle. Steampunk brings the production and use of large machinery and transportation. While nature brings the serenity and power only it can provide, if harnessed . This power levitates natures itself, and the civilization of Jouki is intertwined within nature, thus being the reason why Jouki is located in the sky. Moreover, the power of nature, which is most evident in the formation of large circles located high in the sky, can awaken and bring forth the dragons. Though dragons despise and rampage over steampunk civilization, Jouki is an exception. In fact, dragons live harmoniously within the civilization of Jouki, often providing protection against invaders. Though nature plays a vital role, it cannot exist within Jouki without the power of steampunk. Steampunk provides imperative nutrients to nature, such as carbon dioxide and water, through pipes, and is produced by heavy machinery. It is for these reasons why these two unusual diversities can coexist.
Funded by the compassionate benefactor, Steve, and designed by the chief designer of nameless insignificance, Jouki, steampunk Japan, is an ever-growing civilization. While it is currently only three weeks far into the construction, Jouki far surpasses the and judgment of disbelievers…
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•Everything is built solo
•Programs used: MCedit, VoxelSniper, Zombe’s Modpack, Biome Painter
•The project was started since the beginning of the contest
•The project was designed with the default texture pack in mind
•The Dokucraft high 1.3.1 texture pack was used in the screenshots

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Jouki Steampunk Japan Map Showcase