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Oct 20

Minecraft Ps3/Ps4 Crash Landing Modded Survival Map Download

Modded Survival

Crash Landing made by “dakonblackrose”,is a awesome modded survival map for xbox edition. You have very little resources and is nearly required to trade with villagers as they will help you along supplying you with stuff not available nearby. Enjoy!
Crafting Challenges:
– Craft 1000 Glass
– Craft 100 Quartz Blocks
– Craft a Brewing Stand
– Craft 100 TNT
– Craft a Enchantment Table
– Craft 50 Shovels
– Craft 100 Sticks
– Craft 10 Sticky Pistons
– Craft 25 Redstone Lamps
– Craft 100 Sand Stone
– Craft 5 Smooth Stone
– Craft a Cauldron
– Craft a ender chest
– Craft 5 Cakes
Farm Challenges:
– Build a Wheat Farm
– Build a Melon Farm
– Build a Pumpkin Farm
– Build a Mushroom Farm
– Build a Sugarcane Farm
– Build a Cactus Farm
– Build a Carrot Farm
– Build a Potato Farm
– Build a Snow Farm
– Build a Tree Farm
– Build a Cow Farm
– Build a Pig Farm
– Build a Sheep Farm
– Build a Chicken Farm
Kill Challenges:
– Kill 50 Squids (have to make a pool first)
– Kill 10 Zombies with your fists
– Kill 10 Creeper with your fists
– Kill 10 Skeletons with your fists
– Kill 10 Spiders with your fists
– Kill 10 Enderman with your fists
– Make a zombie Fall In A Pit 8Block Down
– Make a Creeper Blow Up Sand So You Don’t Have To Mine
– Kill a skeleton With The Rifle
– Kill a Spider With The Bat
– Kill 5 Zombies with TNT
– Kill 5 Creeper with TNT
– Kill 2 spiders with gravel
– Kill 2 skeletons with sand
Store Challenges:
– Buy Coal
– Buy Iron
– Buy Gold
– Buy Redstone
– Buy Diamonds
– Buy emeralds
Other Challenges:
– Make a Mob Farm
– Build a sand gen.
– Build and repair your ship
– Build a storage system
– Build a Dakon Zombie Statue
– Build a nether portal
– Find a Nether Fortresses
– Go in the End Portal

Minecraft Ps3/Ps4 Crash Landing Modded Survival Map Download