Sep 15

Microsoft Purchase Minecraft

After rumours broke recently that Minecraft might be being sold to Microsoft, fear struck the community. On the most part people where worried that Mojang would actually sell. Today it was confirmed on the Mojang website, and by Microsoft that, Minecraft has been bought for $2.5 Billion dollars. The news at this time is that Microsoft are going to continue developing Minecraft on all platforms including the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. They will also continue to develop for the PS Vita. But Mojang can not confirm that Microsoft will continue this in the future. The employee’s of Mojang don’t know what future they have. Some employee’s even tweeting that they have just moved to Sweeden less than a month ago, and just bought a new house. ┬áIt appears that the stress of continuing a game so large was becoming too stressful for Notch who was the major share holder in Mojang.

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