Feb 20

Minecraft PS3: Hunger Games Map Download

Basic Overview of Hunger Games Map:

Hunger games is a map based on the hunger games films, and has been a really popular games mode on minecraft ps3, this map is a hunger games map for minecraft ps3, and is just a simple map but is one of the first hunger games maps we have seen for download. The aim of hunger games is to collect as many items as you can as fast as possible and kill all of your friends. If you have a hunger games map, or a minecraft ps3 map make sure you submit it to this site. Click here for more Minecraft  PS3 Hunger games maps

Video Showcase of the Hunger Games Map:

How to install the Hunger Games Map

We have two tutorials which will help you install this map:

  • Follow this tutorial to learn how to convert to the right version for you. (US versions wont work for EU users and vise versa. [ CLICK FOR THE TUTORIAL]
  • Follow this tutorial on how to download and install minecraft ps3 maps [ CLICK FOR THE TUTORIAL]

Minecraft PS3 Hunger Games Map Download