Aug 22

Minecraft PS3: Herobrine’s Castle Hunger Games

Basic Overview of Herobrine’s Castle Hunger Games

We all know the legend of Herobrine, we all know how he walks among us hidden from sight, we all know how he likes to cause mayhem and destruction. Some of you may not know that he is said to reside in a magnificent castle far away from any one other community where he can plot his destruction of another beautiful build, perhaps he is jealous of anything that outshines his castle or perhaps he is just filled with hate and anger.

Well, now you can travel to this treacherous place and thanks to none other than Neriak you may compete in the ever fun, ever challenging Hunger Games, with your friends within Herobrine’s own castle! What awaits you here in this beautiful but somewhat scary place, no one really knows. But this does not mean you should try, in fact it means you should be the first to discover his secrets for yourself…

Good Luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour…


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Video Showcase of Herobrine’s Castle Hunger Games


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