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Feb 04

Minecraft PS3 Star Wars Battlefront Server Download

This Star Wars Battlefront map is a Player vs Player (PvP) map so you need friends to play and battle with! The map comes with preset modded weapons and armour. This is a progressive PvP map, the more you play the more “credits” you earn, and you can then upgrade your gear and buy more …

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Feb 02

Minecraft PS3: Punny Parkour Map Download

Punny Parkour map was created for Xbox by TankMatt but the map has been converted so we can all enjoy it on Minecraft PS3! The map is a basic parkour map getting progressively harder as you pass each stage! This map can be enjoyed by yourself or with friends!   Punny Parkour Map Showcase: Punny …

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Feb 01

Minecraft PS3: Elytra Race Battle Mini Game Download

With the Elyta wings being one of the best additions in Minecraft for a long time for mini games it was only a matter of time before people started building race maps! This map is awesome you can either challenge your self if you have no friends, or race against your friends to see who …

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Jan 28

Minecraft PS3: Blizzard Kohi PvP Map Download

This is a PvP map originally created to just PvP but the map has been modded to improve the map. This map is set in a blizard, so having the snow on really helps this game mode out. The map is quiet small but still rather enjoyable! I would love to see this map improved …

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Jan 26

Minecraft PS3: Teleporter Mod Download

This map is a teleporter modded into Minecraft! You can use this Teleporter / portal to teleport to exact co-ordinates in minecraft! This is extremely useful for map makers and one of the best additions modders have added to Minecraft PS3 in a long time! Download this mod for yourself to play around with the …

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Jan 19

Minecraft PS3 Dynamic Factions Map Download

If your looking for a cool factions server to play I recommend trying this one out! It has been built and modded pretty well, although its not 100% complete it is still a great factions server for you to play on with your friends.   Dynamic Factions Map Showcase:   Download Dynamic Factions Map

Jan 17

Minecraft PS3 Legend of Zelda Map Hunger Games

This is quiet a small map but cool! Simply because ties a Legend of Zelda PS3 hunger games map and who doesnt like Zelda right!? The worse part about this map is how close all the chests are together, but if you want you can change that up yourself before playing the map.   Legend …

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Jan 14

Minecraft PS3 Death Run Map Download

Death run is a map as it says in the name, a map you need to run, jump / parkour to ensure you dont die! This map is so much fun and I recomend you download it now! I cant remember the last time I had so much fun playing a Minecraft map! The map …

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Jan 12

Minecraft PS3 Manor Hide and Seek Download

This map works as both a hunger games map or as a hide and seek map. The map has a really good flow and has been built in a way it plays really well. Lots of bits to hide behind and surprise your enemy. I particularly like the garden area.   Minecraft Manor Showcase:   …

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Jan 10

Minecraft PS3 Elytra Race Map Download

This map uses the Elytra wings in Minecraft, the aim of the game is to complete the race if you play by yourself or race against your friends. The map has a bunch of platforms that you fly between.   Elytra Race Map Showcase: Elytra Race Map Download 

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