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Apr 02

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Ethoslab World Showcase W/Download

This really fun map got made on the PC by EthosLab and the showcase video below got made also on the Xbox 360 by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. This EthoLab is super fun map from ethos lets play world and now you can play …

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Mar 06

Minecraft: PS3/PS4 Modded Kit PVP Map Download – Nether Fortress

BASIC OVERVIEW OF THIS MAP this really epic kit pvp map has modded kits to play with and on a small nether fortress arena to pvp you can have tones of fun playing your friends map can be played on ps3 and ps4 enjoy playing this modded kit pvp MAP MAKER: dakonblackrose SHOWCASE OF THE …

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Jan 30

Minecraft: PS3/PS4 | Minions Skywars Map W/Download

Basic Overview of Minions Sky Wars This map is a sick skywars map from the minions movie where all your little minions and the dog can be played to pvp your buddys Map was mad by Pollo014 Map Showcaser: Dakonblackrose Video Showcase of Minions Skywars DOWNLOAD MINIONS SKYWARS

Sep 02

Modded SkyWars by Joris_LOL (Minecraft PS3 PS4 Map Download)

Basic Overview of Modded SkyWars by Joris_LOL Really awesome Skywars/Server world created by Joris_LOL this map also includes Mods so dont hesitate and check this map out and have some great fun times with your friends on this epic map! Map Created by Joris_LOL check him out on Youtube

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Aug 20

Land Of Beyond Hunger Games (Minecraft PS3 PS4 Map Download)

Basic Overview of Land Of Beyond Hunger Games Very Epic Hunger Games Map was created by MrKikeHD and tranopetran. Team Castle Crafters brings you the Land Of Beyond Hunger Games on the PS3/PS4!check out on Youtube

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Jul 11

Sky Block Sky Wars (Minecraft PS3 PS4 Map Download)

Basic Overview of Sky Block Sky Wars This mini game is for Minecraft PS3 and PS4! where I finally decided to combine two of my favorite “mini games” that I stream daily on twitch tv together! Those two were, Sky Block and Sky Wars… This mini game is played out just like any type of Sky …

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Dec 16

Minecraft PS3 PS4: Bed Wars

Basic Overview of Bed Wars Bed Wars is a Sky wars style map where you have to kill the enemy! This map is best played with as many friends as possible. You spawn on an island and your friends should start on another island. Then using the resources to best effect kill your friends!  This map …

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Aug 30

Minecraft PS3: Blacksmith Sky Wars

Basic Overview of Blacksmith Sky Wars Usually Blacksmiths are useful to find whilst playing Minecraft survival, they often have very good gear to help us on our adventure in the blocky wilderness. Wilsnx decided, you know what why don’t we take these wonderfully helpful structures and place them in the middle of the sky and have …

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Jun 24

Minecraft PS3: Medieval Sky Wars Download

Basic Overview of Medieval Sky Wars This sky wars map is possibly the best looking sky wars map we have seen in the minecraft ps3 community so far. The map has a Medieval feel to the map, see the video below too see the map. But the temples on each of the island in the …

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Feb 14

Minecraft PS3: Sky Wars Map Download

Basic Overview of Sky Wars Map: The aim of sky wars is to eliminate all of your enemies and become the ruler of the skies! Everyone is your enemy in sky wars, unless you are playing in teams. Collect items from chests and use the resources to kill off the other players. Use what resources …

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