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Jul 02

Stained Glass Biome (Minecraft PS3 PS4 Map Download)

Basic Overview of Stained Glass Biome This is only for the real Hardcore Survivors out there, a Minecraft Customized Seed download, Stained Glass Biome, download this for Minecraft Playstation 3 and in order to play this map on Playstation 4 you will need to download it onto your PS3 first, then chose the Transfer to PS4 …

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Dec 12

Minecraft PS3 PS4: Fall of the Titans Dropper

Basic Overview of Fall of the Titans Dropper Everyone loves a good dropper map in minecraft, mainly because they are very fun to play and you can spend hours trying to beat puzzles, and secondly because some of them can be simply amazing! This map is no different! Another awesome map by “Lets Noob”. Some of …

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Aug 01

Minecraft PS3 Edition: Neriak’s Dropper Map

Basic Overview of Neriak’s Dropper Map The dropper has finally made its way onto the PS3 and is brought to you by none other then Neriak! The Dropper is one of the most popular maps on the PC version and now you can play it on the PS3! If you don’t know how the Dropper …

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Apr 24

Minecraft PS3: Brain Buster Puzzle Map

Basic Overview of The Brain Buster Puzzle Map This little map was created by Risk_0110! The Brain Buster Map will surely bust that brain of yours with its puzzles. The idea behind the puzzles is very easy and very fun. The player or players will definitely need to concentrate on solving the puzzles to make …

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Feb 16

Minecraft PS3:Factory Down Map Download

Basic Overview of Factory Down Map: Factory down is a minecraft ps3 puzzle map, the aim is to find 4 levers and one button. Finding each of these will allow you to move onto the next part of the website. This is quiet a time consuming map, and provides a lot of fun. The guy …

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Feb 12

Minecraft PS3: Prison Escape Map Download

Basic Overview of the Prison Escape Map Prison escape is a puzzle style minecraft ps3 map you can download and play, the map has a number of puzzles that can be very challenging. The aim of the map is to complete the puzzles and move onto the next stage of the map and finally escape …

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