Minecraft PS3 Parkour Map Download

Minecraft PS3: Tour Le Parkour (Parkour Challenge)

Basic Overview of Tour Le Parkour Have you ever wanted to become a master of parkour? Well now is your chance, Neriak has produced and amazing but incredibly challenging parkour map for you to test your skills across a range of different jumps and blocks! From ice to soul sand and stone walls to fences there is plenty of seemingly ... Read More »

Minecraft PS3: Flappy Bird Parkour Map Download

Basic Overview of Flappy Bird Parkour Map Flappy Bird took our mobile devices by storm! Everyone was downloading the game — but now the Flappy Bird has hopped it’s way through pipes straight to your Playstation 3 Console! Minecraft Playstation Edition Map Creator MAIALOZZO99 (Youtube) has given us a chance to Parkour the same way Flappy Bird does. Jumping on, ... Read More »

Minecraft PS3: Parkour Map Download

Basic Overview of Parkour Map: This parkour map has a number of jumps like all good parkour maps. The map has no name but it doesnt change the fact ¬†that the map is fun to play. The map has a number of levels yo complete and check points. So if you do fall you don’t have to go back to ... Read More »