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Jul 29

Minecraft PS3/PS4 Murder Mystery Server Map Download

Murderer – The murderer’s objective to win the game is to kill everyone at the scene, without being detected and killed. The murderer will be able to sprint and is equipped with a knife to go in with the kill in one direct hit of an innocent. The murderer will also be holding a fake …

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Jul 10

Minecraft PS3/PS4 China Town Murder Mystery Map W/Download

IN this video we take a look at this new map minecraft murder mystery  modded map if you enjoy can you please leave a like and comment also let me know what you want me to show next on the channel lol I hope you have a  good day I’m dakonblackrose and I’m out byyyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeye …

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Jun 06

Minecraft PS3 Mothership Murder Mystery Map Download

If your looking for another murder mystery map to play then this one is for you! A brand new map in a space theme. The map is called Murder Mystery and has been built by Castle Crafters. The map does look very impressive but personally I am not a fan of darker maps. But the …

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Mar 09

Minecraft PS3: Rugrats Murder Mystery Download

If you have ever seen rugrats you will love this map! I was so excited when I seen this map, because I loved rugrats when I was younger! The map has been built really well and murder mystery plays really well with this map!   Rugrats Murder Mystery Showcase: Rugrats Murder Mystery Download

Mar 02

Minecraft PS3: Cluedo Murder Mystery Download

Cluedo or Clue is a board game in which players must work out who was killed in a house using certain weapons and in which room. This map is in a house and because its a muder mystery game mode its taken the name cluedo! It would be cool to play it like the original …

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Feb 23

Minecraft PS3: Jolly Rodger Bay Download

The Jolly Rodgrer bay is a pirate themed Minecraft Ps3, murder mystery map. The map is lots of fun to play, and the video below does a great job of showcasing the map.   Jolly Rodger Bay Showcase: Jolly Rodger Bay Download 

Dec 15

Minecraft PS3 Clown Invasion Murder Mystery Map Download

This is the Clown Invasion Murder Mystery Map, it has been converted from Minecraft Xbox to PS3 / PS4 so you can enjoy it yourself! This map is really fun because .. killer clowns! But the map always has an awesome maze beneath it which really helps with the game mode.   Minecraft PS3 Clown …

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Nov 03

Minecraft PS3 Frankenstein Murder Mystery Download

This map was originally built for Xbox but has been transferred over to Minecraft PS3, so you can enjoy it! This is a murder mystery map built around Frankenstein. The whole map is pretty spooky, and quiet a dark map which makes it really fun to play. The center of the map is a giant …

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May 31

Minecraft PS3 Map: Jungle Book Murder Mystery Map Download

Jungle Book has to be one of my favourite moviess ever, It has recently been released as a movie but not an animated one as like the previous movie. Because of the re-release of the film this awesome map based on the movie has been created! The map is a Murder Mystery map. Hide from …

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