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Jan 26

Minecraft PS3: Teleporter Mod Download

This map is a teleporter modded into Minecraft! You can use this Teleporter / portal to teleport to exact co-ordinates in minecraft! This is extremely useful for map makers and one of the best additions modders have added to Minecraft PS3 in a long time! Download this mod for yourself to play around with the …

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Oct 11

Minecraft Modded Dimensions Mod Download

When you download this map you will spawn in the over world (normal minecraft dimension). But you will have two portals, one for the end and one for the nether. When you go into the nether you will be entering the “diamond nether” and when you go to the end you will be going to …

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Jun 13

Minecraft PS3 Mods: Swing Set Mod Download

This is a cool little mod which can be added to your world, or a world built around the mod. The download is a swing set in a flat world so you can play about and enjoy that! For this mod to work you need to spawn the world with the following Mob Spawning OFF …

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