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Jan 17

Minecraft PS3 Legend of Zelda Map Hunger Games

This is quiet a small map but cool! Simply because ties a Legend of Zelda PS3 hunger games map and who doesnt like Zelda right!? The worse part about this map is how close all the chests are together, but if you want you can change that up yourself before playing the map.   Legend …

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Jan 12

Minecraft PS3 Manor Hide and Seek Download

This map works as both a hunger games map or as a hide and seek map. The map has a really good flow and has been built in a way it plays really well. Lots of bits to hide behind and surprise your enemy. I particularly like the garden area.   Minecraft Manor Showcase:   …

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Dec 22

Minecraft PS3 Super Mario Run Adventure Map Download

Are you a super mario fan? Then this mario adventure map is for you! With Mario Run been released on iOs we thought it is a suitable time to release this mario adventure map the video below gives an overview of the map with some spoilers! Super Mario Adventure Map Showcase: Super Mario Adventure Map Download

Dec 20

Minecraft PS3 Angry Birds Movie Hunger Games Download

The loveable characters from Angry Birds have now been brought to Minecraft ps3 for you to play the hunger games map. The map is based on the island from the movie, so it helps watching the movie first if you want to enjoy this map to its maximum.   Angry Birds Movie Hunger Games Showcase:   …

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Dec 03

Minecraft PS3 Bubble Panic Hunger Games

Bubble Panic is an awesome hunger games map created by castle crafters. The creators have basically enclosed the map in a water wall to make you feel like your under water. It is hard to describe the map but the overall theme is under water with pixel art animals and more! The video below really …

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Dec 01

Minecraft PS3 Spring to Life Hunger Games

Spring to life hunger games is very unique. I haven’t seen many if any maps made in this style! Its basically a giant garden, and the garden is made up of pixel art. Hard to explain but see the video below!   Spring to life Hunger Games Showcase:   Spring to life Download 

Nov 29

Minecraft PS3 Alpha Kingdom Hunger Games Download

Alpha kingdom hunger games for Minecraft PS3,  this map must have taken a long time to build, and thats simply because of the size of the map. This map is for up to 8 players. Because of the size of this map I suggest playing a few different games in different areas as this can …

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Oct 27

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Halloween Hunger Games Download

Wow! This map is incredible! Its a halloween themed map, but built in a huge bedroom. This is quiet a dark map but that helps towards the feel and the scary / halloween theme. All the pictures on the wall in this room, and other builds are all halloween themed. Including a giant skelleton jumping …

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Oct 06

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Plato’s School of Thought Hunger Games Download

wow! I look at a lot of maps for this website but this build is simply incredible, so much detail and must have taken so much time to build! This map is created for a hunger games, but this is well worth a download just to explore!  The hunger games starts right out the front …

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Sep 07

Minecraft PS3: Guns Up! [Kit PVP Map] – Download

Hey guys, here’s a map that I personally favor quite a bit! This map is basically a replication of the game ‘Guns Up!’. It was made made to function as a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 pvp map. One player from the opposing side runs to the enemies base and tries to blow up the …

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