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Apr 29


This map is the very of what I am guessing is going to be a lot of maps released in this genre! This new genre of maps on minecraft ps3 is called “item hunt”. ┬áSpecifically this map focuses at hiding eggs (for easter of course) but this map could be done with any item, and …

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Apr 25

Minecraft PS3 1000 Villages Amplified Custom Village Mod

This is a modded map of 256 x 256, and all the map is covered with villages! I think this is pretty awesome, to just explore. But this map would also work amazingly as a survival map or as a PvP map. The away all the villages have spawned together have made the map very …

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Apr 01

Minecraft PS3: Battle Fall out inspired Map Download

Love fall out and love battling / fighting with your friends in Minecraft? Then this map is perfect for you. Converted from PC to console so you can enjoy and play with your friends on PS3 / PS4. This map is even better when using the fall out skin pack.   Fallout battle Map Showcase: …

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Mar 30

Minecraft PS3: Logical Conjunction Puzzle Map Download

Logical Conjunction is a puzzle map for Minecraft console. We have converted it to Minecraft PS3. So you can enjoy it on your PS3 / PS4 console. I love this map as it must take so long to create, think of all the puzzles and test it before release. I would love to see more …

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Mar 25

Minecraft PS3 Classic Dropper Map Download

It has been a while since we have posted a new dropper map! Personally I love dropper maps as they are so much fun and challenging at the same time. They are also such a casual game mode which is great. You don’t need to be concentrating all of the time. You can sit back …

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Mar 23

Minecraft PS3: Trampoline Mod Download

Ever wanted a trampoline in Minecraft PS3? Maybe not.. but if so this mod is perfect for you! It gives you the ability to add Trampolines into your game! I think this is most interesting simply because of some of the challenge maps this can help with! Or if you just love jumping around this …

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Mar 21

Minecraft PS3: Lava Rain Challenge Map Download

Potentially the most interesting modded map released so far? I love survival in minecraft, but sometimes it can be a bit slow. This map adds lava rain which only gives you so much time to collect resources, and build a base or get ready to head underground before the lava rain hits and either kills …

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Mar 16

Minecraft PS3 Blizzard Factions PvP Download

Another factions map for you to enjoy, the terrain of the map has been changed up and so has the kits added to this map. The terrain is the typcial server style hub that you often see in these factions style maps. Personally I would like to see someone make a brand new factions map …

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Mar 14

Minecraft PS3: Ambient Kit PvP Download

The ambient Kit is a modded map in which the map developer / modder has made a custom kit you can use to spice up PvP. The video below showcases the map you can play on and the kit added in this map. If you don’t like the map but love the kit maybe build …

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Mar 11

Minecraft PS3: Chunk Factions Map Download

This map looks like your typical factions map, in the similar style you see most factions maps. It also has a buy sell trade option like all other factions. This factions map has also been modded. I am showcasing this map simply because the shops have different prices and trades which makes the factions map …

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