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Jan 14

Minecraft PS3 Death Run Map Download

Death run is a map as it says in the name, a map you need to run, jump / parkour to ensure you dont die! This map is so much fun and I recomend you download it now! I cant remember the last time I had so much fun playing a Minecraft map! The map …

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Jan 10

Minecraft PS3 Elytra Race Map Download

This map uses the Elytra wings in Minecraft, the aim of the game is to complete the race if you play by yourself or race against your friends. The map has a bunch of platforms that you fly between.   Elytra Race Map Showcase: Elytra Race Map Download 

Dec 22

Minecraft PS3 Super Mario Run Adventure Map Download

Are you a super mario fan? Then this mario adventure map is for you! With Mario Run been released on iOs we thought it is a suitable time to release this mario adventure map the video below gives an overview of the map with some spoilers! Super Mario Adventure Map Showcase: Super Mario Adventure Map Download

Dec 17

Minecraft PS3 Reindeer Rush Parkour Download

Its nearly Christmas so we are attempting to post as many chirstmas maps as we can find so you can enjoy them! Today we have Reindeer Rush parkour which has been transferred from Minecraft Xbox for you to download and enjoy! Reindeer Rush Parkour Showcase:   Reindeer Rush Parkour Download 

Dec 13

Minecraft PS3 Fear the Walls Map Download

This map is fear the walls and is a pvp style map you can enjoy with your friends, this map has been converted from Minecraft Xbox to PS3 for you to play. Like all good maps the map comes with a set of rules and how to play. The map is pretty much ready to …

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Dec 10

Minecraft PS3 Christmas Wonderland Hunger Games Download

Just in time for Christmas we have converted the Christmas Wonderland hunger games from Xbox to PS3 / PS4 for you to play and download! The map is filled with snow, pixel art snowmen and all things christmasy!   Christmas Wonderland Hunger Games: Christmas Wonderland Hunger Games Download 

Nov 17

Minecraft PS3 Story Mode Spleef Arena Download

This map is an awesome recreation of the battle spleef arena from Minecraft story mode. This recreation has been made so you can play it any time with your friends. The actual arena is suited to up to 4 players playing spleef at any one time. But because of the size of the map you …

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Oct 22

Minecraft PS3 Portal Adventure Map Download

I assume you have played portal, if not go do that … Anyway this map is a remake of Portal which you can play in Minecraft PS3. There is also hidden ingredients around the map to make a cake. So if you complete the map you can celebrate with cake! Or can you? The cake …

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Oct 18

Minecraft PS3: Battle Maze Map Download

This map is pretty unique as I haven’t seen a battle maze created before. But after playing on this map I would love this to become a new genre of PvP maps!  The map has a bunch of spots around the map where you can add extras to spice up the game, and it makes …

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Oct 15

Minecraft PS3 Modded GTA Grand Theft Auto Map Download

This map is a city style map but themed like GTA Grand Theft Auto, it comes with modded villagers which you can interact and get custom trades from. Im not sure if the creator of this map looked at GTA when creating it, but it certainly feels like a GTA style map, all the buildings …

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