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Feb 04

Minecraft PS3 Star Wars Battlefront Server Download

This Star Wars Battlefront map is a Player vs Player (PvP) map so you need friends to play and battle with! The map comes with preset modded weapons and armour. This is a progressive PvP map, the more you play the more “credits” you earn, and you can then upgrade your gear and buy more …

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Nov 17

Minecraft PS3 Story Mode Spleef Arena Download

This map is an awesome recreation of the battle spleef arena from Minecraft story mode. This recreation has been made so you can play it any time with your friends. The actual arena is suited to up to 4 players playing spleef at any one time. But because of the size of the map you …

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Oct 18

Minecraft PS3: Battle Maze Map Download

This map is pretty unique as I haven’t seen a battle maze created before. But after playing on this map I would love this to become a new genre of PvP maps! ┬áThe map has a bunch of spots around the map where you can add extras to spice up the game, and it makes …

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Oct 06

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Plato’s School of Thought Hunger Games Download

wow! I look at a lot of maps for this website but this build is simply incredible, so much detail and must have taken so much time to build! This map is created for a hunger games, but this is well worth a download just to explore! ┬áThe hunger games starts right out the front …

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Sep 26


I am sure you have played Battle, the latest and greatest “update” to come to Minecraft Console. If you haven’t you have seriously been under a rock! But LoinMin has released all the maps for you to download and play yourself either in creative, or maybe turn them into some cool base or survival map! …

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Sep 06

Minecraft PS3: Micro Battles 4.0 Map Download

This map is a great little map, its called Micro Battles 4.0 and has been created by MyDayVee. This is the first time we have featured a map from this guy and I really like what he has done. Built 4 small maps in one which you can play and battle your friends!   Micro …

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Jul 17

Minecraft PS3/PS4 BattleMode Modded Map Download

This really Epic map got made on the PS3 by dakonblackrose and the showcase video below got made also on the PS4 by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the PS3/PS4. This battlemode map is a map in which there is a really big area you pvp your buddys. This map can …

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Jun 09

Minecraft PS3: Utopian Hunger Games Download

This is such a simple hunger games map, but I really like how its been put together and built. First off its in the sky so it adds the element of falling off the edge! But secondly the simple nature theme looks great and the map doesn’t look like its had bits added on to …

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Jun 07

Minecraft PS3: Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Download

This build is of a cruise ship build which we have all seen before, but I like this one in particular because the developer of the map has built a specific ship, and has built the Disney Wonder cruise ship. I think it has been done in fantastic detail. And looks great! This map would …

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May 09

Minecraft PS3: Clash Royale Mini Game Download

An all NEW Minecraft PVP Mini Game! This is the Clash of Clans PvP! Choose to be an attacker or a defender and square off in one of the most well known battles in App history! Based off the App Clash of Clans, you can decide to be anything from a Barbarian, all the way …

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