Oct 20

Minecraft PS3 Pirate Sky Wars Map Download

This map is yet another Sky wars map, and I always love these maps as they are normally so unique and you can build practically anything and turn it into a sky wars map!  This theme is an ocean / boat / Pirate theme. Like all good skywars maps a number of chests are hidden …

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Oct 18

Minecraft PS3: Battle Maze Map Download

This map is pretty unique as I haven’t seen a battle maze created before. But after playing on this map I would love this to become a new genre of PvP maps!  The map has a bunch of spots around the map where you can add extras to spice up the game, and it makes …

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Oct 15

Minecraft PS3 Modded GTA Grand Theft Auto Map Download

This map is a city style map but themed like GTA Grand Theft Auto, it comes with modded villagers which you can interact and get custom trades from. Im not sure if the creator of this map looked at GTA when creating it, but it certainly feels like a GTA style map, all the buildings …

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Oct 13

Minecraft PS3 Modded Factions Mod Download

We have seen plenty of Minecraft Modded factions maps, but this is very close to the quality we see on Minecraft PC. Minecraft PC often has a lot more tools available to build awesome maps. But this map is impressive for a Minecraft PS3 factions map. I havent had time to play it with friends …

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Oct 11

Minecraft Modded Dimensions Mod Download

When you download this map you will spawn in the over world (normal minecraft dimension). But you will have two portals, one for the end and one for the nether. When you go into the nether you will be entering the “diamond nether” and when you go to the end you will be going to …

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Oct 08

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Rising Tides SkyWars

Rising Tides is a Sky wars, map but the developers UniBuilders put a lot of effort into there maps. Normally with skywars maps you spawn on the islands you are ready to battle over. But this map is a bit different you spawn in an area, and you need to travel via the nether to …

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Oct 06

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Plato’s School of Thought Hunger Games Download

wow! I look at a lot of maps for this website but this build is simply incredible, so much detail and must have taken so much time to build! This map is created for a hunger games, but this is well worth a download just to explore!  The hunger games starts right out the front …

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Oct 04

Minecraft PS3 PS4 Los Danageles World Download

This map has been 3 years in production, and its a pretty epic city map which you can download and explore. The map could be used as a number of different things, but I think an adventure map would work perfectly on this map!  Or you could choose to block areas of making the map …

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Sep 26


I am sure you have played Battle, the latest and greatest “update” to come to Minecraft Console. If you haven’t you have seriously been under a rock! But LoinMin has released all the maps for you to download and play yourself either in creative, or maybe turn them into some cool base or survival map! …

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Sep 23

Minecraft PS3 Diverse Sky Map Download

Diverse Sky is a map that has been created for Minecraft Xbox and was converted for Minecraft PS3 / PS4. The map is basically Skygrid, and the objective is to survive! This map also has a bunch of floating islands in the sky, which you can loot and use to your advantage. I have seen …

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